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Make it a session!

When playing your favourite game at any online casino, it is very easy to grab at any bonus offer you can find. They are plentiful and online casinos are generous when handing them out. You get the chance to win real money by spending a very small amount or sometimes even nothing at all.

But before you dive deep into every single offer you can find, you should consider a bit of advice to better your chances of stuffing your bankroll. And there is no easier way to calculate your actual winning than taking sessions into account.


As it suggests, it refers to the amount of time the player plays one game. It is measured from when the player starts until the player finishes. If it is a group of players, like in poker, the ‘session’ will include the number of rounds until the game ends. It is most commonly used in card games but the term is also used for time spent on a slot or at any game at a table.


If you sit at a roulette table, play for one hour and then leave. You have played one session of one hour. If you move on to the poker table after you cashed in and spend one more hour there, you will have played two sessions of one hour.

Now that you understand the term, you might wonder how it can help you. Because players calculate and judge their winnings and losses per session (rather than throughout the year), it will give you a good idea of your game-play and will help you structure your sessions to ensure better profit. It will also ensure that you don’t spend too much time playing which at the end of the day ensures responsible and safe gambling.

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Host your own board game night!

You’ve decided to host a board game event but you’re not quite sure where to start and which games to choose. The answer is quite simple – black jack. There is just something very elegant about this classic game. You can escape your everyday reality and create a night filled with pure opulence and chic extravagance. It is a perfect excuse for a black tie event. You will feel like you are on a set of a James Bond movie.


Of course the first thing you will need is a blackjack table. It generally sits between 8 and 10 people. Also get a lot of decks of playing cards and chips. Determine the value of your chips. You don’t need to play with real money but it makes it a lot more exciting. If you want to play, you need to appoint a dealer that knows the rules.


What is a party without food and drinks? When planning your menu keep in mind not to choose greasy foods. It will make the cards sticky and taint them, which can make cheating easier. Keep it simple and stick to finger foods. You will need to stock up your bar. Scotch and cocktails is recommend and if you want to enhance your luxury theme, appoint someone to act as barman. If someone drank too much, arrange a cab. Keep the music at a volume that is comfortable. Your guests should be able to talk to each other and hear what the dealer is saying.


As the host you will need to know the rules. If there is a disagreement, you will be the one that settles it so brush up on your expertise before the big night. Keep the mood light and not too competitive. It should be about fun with your friends!

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William Hill Casino Club Offering Marvelous Promotions

Top class entertainment is offered in style at the William Hill Casino Club where more than 100 fabulous games powered by PlayTech are beautifully presented in a simply laid out venue that is totally inspirational. Whether you have experience in online gaming or are just venturing tentatively into this contemporary type of leisure activity favored by millions of people all over the world, you will be thrilled by the magical mix of games that has been put together by the William Hill Casino Club team.

When you log on to your venue you are presented with various categories of games such as card games, slots, video poker and much more so that you can choose the type of group that interests you initially. Ever game can be previewed at your own pace for absolutely free, permitting you the luxury of trying out games that you have never had the chance to experience before. The great advantage of online casinos is that you don’t get pushed into playing games without knowing exactly what the rules are, opening you up to unnecessary losses. There is no embarrassment or pressure to impress your peers as you may feel in a bricks and mortar venue where you are often surrounded by sophisticates who appear to know it all.

William Hill is all about Online gaming as they as an example only have betting shops in many cities in UK but no casinos. To play live casino in England it is a good idea to read more about Genting Casino which is the largest casino Group within UK.

Chill Out at Home and Have Loads of Fun

William Hill Casino Club is open to everybody who wants to have some fun gambling from the comfort of their own homes in security and privacy. The very latest encryption methods are in place protecting your financial transaction details and your personal data and there are so many promotional offers and bonuses up for grabs that your gaming wallet is boosted very regularly indeed reflecting your loyalty to William Hill Casino Club. Register a new account today using our link below and you will be sure to receive your welcome bonus of up to €2,200.

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All the Enjoyment You Want at EUCasino

You can enjoy the most fabulous entertainment at EUCasino playing on different games every day and never run out of new games to indulge in. The SkillOnNet software which powers the casino is outstanding and gives players fabulous animated graphics and great supporting sound effects on the video slots which give the amazing feeling that you are placed into the game for the duration. There is a fabulous live casino featuring on the home page where you can play table games and Roulette directly interacting with the lovely dealers who communicate with you through the chat box and whom you can observe through a video cam as they carry out your wagering instructions.

Prestigious VIP Club for All Customers

The VIP Club is open for everybody and as you earn your VIP points through playing on the games you improve your status level in the club and all the benefits that accrue to VIP players at the various levels. The Executive levels are what you need to aim for as the bonuses and prizes are absolutely out of this world and make EUCasino a very special place indeed. VIP points are exchangeable for cash and give a superb boost to your gaming wallet adding a lot of value to your entertainment at this fabulous contemporary venue.

The welcome bonus is made up of a unique package of 5 bonuses that are offered on the first 5 deposits that you make to your account. The total amount that you can collect is a massive €5,250 which beats any other online casino and when you register your new account now at EUCasino using our link below you can be sure of getting the first part of your bonus package to start playing with immediately.


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Enter the Fascinating Games World at Betfred Casino

betfred casino pictureBetfred Casino offers a dazzling online venue with a slick appearance and an outstanding service for its every growing community of players. You cannot fail to be impressed by the fabulous graphics and user friendly software that explains every aspect of the casino carefully and clearly. The software is state of the art and as soon as you have registered your account you can download the casino to your internet enabled mobile device and enjoy top quality games which have been perfectly adapted to be clear and optimal to view and play from a handset or tablet. The apps are free to download and take a couple of seconds before you are up and running.

You can access the casino games wherever you go so that next time you have to wait for an appointment or meet friends who are late, you will be delighted that you have Betfred Casino to fill your time and give you the opportunity to make a lot of money during that time! Always keep your eyes on the promotions that are changed regularly giving you the chance to benefit from special offers boosting your gaming wallet several times a week.

Great Bonuses on a Regular Basis

There are several days each week where you get a substantial bonus when you deposit a specified amount in to your account making your gaming entertainment at Betfred Casino a real pleasure. The classic table games, European Roulette and Blackjack that are fun and profitable to play even in a short period of time between doing other things are available at all stakes and levels so investigate the wealth of possibilities that you can now enjoy at Betfred Casino and on the Betfred Casino Mobile service. Register a new account today through our link below and you will be sure to get your welcome bonus of up to £200.


The Bonus King also have an online casino!
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Stunning Bonus Calendar at Carnival Casino

carnival-logoThe bonus calendar at Carnival Casino is an absolute pleasure to behold whenever you log on and check out how many bonuses you can earn. You will find a bonus to celebrate a Full Moon where it is said that the forces of nature may contribute to striking lucky so bear that bonus date in mind and mark it on your personal calendar as you wouldn’t want to miss such an auspicious date! You can also opt to play on the ‘Mid-Month Madness’ day where the team at Carnival Casino just go crazy and give the customers the time of their life with absolutely mad bonuses that will see your gaming wallet splitting at the seams.

Look For Your Favourite Bonus Days

For those players who love a bit of mystery… stay alert for the ‘Bonus Findings’ where you must uncover the bonus in a kind of archeological dig which guarantees treasures of a cash variety! The ‘Bonus Mixer’ is one of those sweet cocktail types that never fail to please the customers and the Lazy Day Bonus is self explanatory with everybody having those days where they want to sit back and relax whilst earning plenty of cash. The Ultimate joy comes with the ‘Rapping 50 Percent Bonus where you know you will get 50% on all your deposits to your Carnival Casino account and a ticket entered automatically in the prize draw when you play on the fabulous selection of slots that boast massive jackpots. Register a new account today at Carnival Casino using our link below where bonus is the name of game and the welcome bonus package is a whopping $777.


Play your favorite casino games here! Great bonus!



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Samba Brazil Video Slot Now at Betfred Casino

samba brazilThe carnival in Rio may be over but who cares because the Samba Brazil video slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines that was released by PlayTech in January 2013 is a great excuse to get really lively at any time of year. Betfred Casino was quick off the mark to add this scintillating slot to its already fabulous games suite and give its customers plenty of reason to dance around the room to the sizzling Samba music especially when Lady Luck smiles on you and you hit the superb jackpot of 5000 coins.

Always a Good Excuse to Have Fun

Carnival is celebrated all over the world with amazing parades, parties and fancy dress adding dazzling colors to this special time of year that for many people is still very wintery. Carnival has a very long history marking the period that leads to Lent and before it had a religious significance in Christianity it was associated with the pagan festival of Saturnalia. People have always been looking for a good excuse to have a fabulous time and now you can have a party with Samba Brazil video slot every day to lift your spirits and get you full of energy.

It doesn’t take much to get those reels spinning as the coin values start at just 1 cent per payline and when you see the Samba Brazil logo which doubles up as the scatter symbol appearing twice on the reels then already you are looking at a payout. Three scatter symbols will bring you the sound of samba music in the Samba music Bonus game and 5 scatters will see 100 times your wager flashing up there in time to the music! Register a new account now at Betfred casino using our link below and you will be dancing with joy at the welcome bonus of up to £200.


The Bonus King also have an online casino!

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Enjoy the Thrilling Monthly Roulette Tournament at 888Casino

888Casino is a sizzling online venue with amazing promotions posted randomly just to make sure that the customers are on their toes and waiting in tense anticipation for those lucrative offers that make 888Casino so very special. The fabulous casino calendar events are pre-scheduled and you can check them out at any time marking your personal calendar with the bonus races and tournaments that suit your particular interests.

For all those players who love Roulette, check out the 15th and 16th of each month and mark it in your personal diary as there is a dedicated Roulette tournament with $17,500 in the bonus kitty for the 210 winners on the two separate leaderboards as well as the overall winners over the two day period. You only need to deposit $50 or more during the tournament hours and your comp points will be added up positioning you on the leaderboard that is dedicated to this specific tournament. You can watch your progress as you play and accelerate as you see yourself creeping up to the top positions where the cash bonuses are phenomenal.

Loads of Added Value at 888Casino

The Roulette Tournament is one more way that 888Casino rewards its community with superb added value and you will find the email informing you of your win within 24 hours of the tournament ending as long as the next day is a weekday. You must claim your prize quickly as after 3 days it runs out so be alert and grab that prize as fast as possible! Register a new account today at 888casino using our link below and you will be rewarded with a generous Welcome Package of up to $1,400.


Play tournaments at 888Casino. Join now!

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Superb Range of Blackjack Games at Wild Jack Casino

Blackjack is easily one of the most popular casino games in the world and amidst the barrage of online casinos you will find that Wild Jack Casino has successfully created a dedicated virtual venue for all those Blackjack fans. There are more than 40 Blackjack game variants offered at Wild Jack Casino and every single game variant is also offered as a multi-hand variant for those players who want to push themselves to new limits every time.

The challenges are thrilling and for players who want to expand their knowledge and learn every variant in existence they can do so for absolutely free at Wild Jack Casino where the rules and various strategies are very carefully described on the home page under “Rules and Terms”. “Tips to win” is a very important section to read, as it could affect your winnings dramatically making you a very successful Blackjack player.

Relax in the Gold Series Virtual Venue

The Gold Series virtual venue is available to players who are seeking to play in a totally realistic environment which has been re-created by Wild Jack Casino through the use of 3D imaging, soft background sounds replicating a live casino and a player’s view of the table from a seated position. The table is a deep brown mahogany just as you would find in a top notch ground based casino and the felt is such a vibrant green that you want to reach and touch it.

You can choose from 14 games at the Gold Series venue where the rules and conditions are exactly the same as for the other games. The difference is purely one of aesthetics and the pleasure that you get from the feeling of a live venue. Register a new account today at Wild Jack Casino using our link below and you will be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $3,000 getting you off to a fabulous start.

Play Blackjack here!

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Choose Bet24 Casino for Your Gaming Entertainment Online

Bet 24 Casino is an industry leading online venue which is exceptionally popular in Scandinavia and the European mainland in general. It is a gaming venue which retains the personalized approach and boasts “a big heart” which makes gaming at Bet24 Casino a very comfortable and highly entertaining experience. You will find a broad selection of casino games powered by the cutting edge software from Net Entertainment which puts online gaming into a brand new league of its own.

The graphic animations and sound effects make the games totally realistic and the themes of the video slot games are innovative and engaging requiring thought and involvement to an unbelievable level. Not only do you win fantastic prizes from your gaming but you get unparalleled gratification for having completed the game to the end, meeting the challenges encountered.

Play the Game of the Month to Win Big Bonuses

Every month you will find that a ‘game of the month’ is featured as the promotional game with bonuses awarded to players who win the prize draw. You only need to wager a minimum of €5 to be entered automatically into the prize draw which gives 5 players who have been playing on the game of the month, casino bonuses ranging from €10 to €100. If you wager €100 over a whole month on a selected game you are entered 20 times into the draw increasing your chances of winning a bonus enormously as well as keeping any winnings.

You can win a further €50 by answering the question of the month which is related to something significant in the game of the month and you need to e-mail your answer to the support team at Bet24 Casino in order to receive your prize. Register a new account today with Bet24 Casino through our link below to be sure of getting your welcome bonus which matches your initial deposit up to the sum of €100.