Fantastic Zoom Poker Now Running at PokerStars

How many times have you wanted to play a few rounds of poker at PokerStars but you just haven’t got time to log on, select your game and stake, find a seat at the right table and wait for everybody to take their time deciding on how to play their hands in the game. With each hand going on for up to 15 minutes it can be absolutely impossible to play your favorite game on a regular basis because of the time pressure put on you by your daily commitments. PokerStars has taken the problem onboard and mulled it over coming up with an exceptionally ingenious solution, Zoom Poker.

It’s Incredibly Thrilling to Play Zoom Poker

Just like you grab a hot dog on the hoof as you run between appointments and various engagements, you can grab a few rounds of poker giving you some mentally challenging fast paced entertainment. Zoom poker is not for the feint hearted as it is faster than any adrenalin powered Turbo game and you can even opt to play on up to 4 tables simultaneously! You start off in the main lobby where you select the Zoom format for ring games along with your preferred poker variant from Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Draw games, pick the stake you want to play for and off you go. You are automatically seated at a table where you play with opponents who form a whole group of players after some zoom action. There is no time for hand analysis, reflection or procrastination as you must decide in seconds whether your hole cards are worth hanging on to or if you want to fold and start a new hand at another table. Click on the Fast Fold button and you will find yourself at a new table with a new hand already dealt for you.

When you feel like a break for a few minutes, you only need to click on the Hold button and re-join when you are ready. It’s simple, thrilling and mentally challenging so to test your Zooming abilities register a new account now at PokerStars using our link and the marketing code PSP7824 to be sure of getting your 100% match deposit bonus of up to $600.


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