Host your own board game night!

You’ve decided to host a board game event but you’re not quite sure where to start and which games to choose. The answer is quite simple – black jack. There is just something very elegant about this classic game. You can escape your everyday reality and create a night filled with pure opulence and chic extravagance. It is a perfect excuse for a black tie event. You will feel like you are on a set of a James Bond movie.


Of course the first thing you will need is a blackjack table. It generally sits between 8 and 10 people. Also get a lot of decks of playing cards and chips. Determine the value of your chips. You don’t need to play with real money but it makes it a lot more exciting. If you want to play, you need to appoint a dealer that knows the rules.


What is a party without food and drinks? When planning your menu keep in mind not to choose greasy foods. It will make the cards sticky and taint them, which can make cheating easier. Keep it simple and stick to finger foods. You will need to stock up your bar. Scotch and cocktails is recommend and if you want to enhance your luxury theme, appoint someone to act as barman. If someone drank too much, arrange a cab. Keep the music at a volume that is comfortable. Your guests should be able to talk to each other and hear what the dealer is saying.


As the host you will need to know the rules. If there is a disagreement, you will be the one that settles it so brush up on your expertise before the big night. Keep the mood light and not too competitive. It should be about fun with your friends!

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