Make it a session!

When playing your favourite game at any online casino, it is very easy to grab at any bonus offer you can find. They are plentiful and online casinos are generous when handing them out. You get the chance to win real money by spending a very small amount or sometimes even nothing at all.

But before you dive deep into every single offer you can find, you should consider a bit of advice to better your chances of stuffing your bankroll. And there is no easier way to calculate your actual winning than taking sessions into account.


As it suggests, it refers to the amount of time the player plays one game. It is measured from when the player starts until the player finishes. If it is a group of players, like in poker, the ‘session’ will include the number of rounds until the game ends. It is most commonly used in card games but the term is also used for time spent on a slot or at any game at a table.


If you sit at a roulette table, play for one hour and then leave. You have played one session of one hour. If you move on to the poker table after you cashed in and spend one more hour there, you will have played two sessions of one hour.

Now that you understand the term, you might wonder how it can help you. Because players calculate and judge their winnings and losses per session (rather than throughout the year), it will give you a good idea of your game-play and will help you structure your sessions to ensure better profit. It will also ensure that you don’t spend too much time playing which at the end of the day ensures responsible and safe gambling.

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