Play Fun Roulette Scratch Card Games at William Hill Casino

What could be more fun than playing the exciting games of roulette and some amazing scratch card games? Play a combination of the two and winning some superb cash prizes.

Roulette Scratch card

For many years online roulette has been one of the most popular online casino games on the market. But in recent times online scratch card games have been gaining popularity too. The paper form of scratch cards have always had a great following, as people are used to going to the local shop, buying groceries and picking up a scratch card or two whilst they are there.

William Hill Casino has found a way to combine these two completely different games and put them together in a unique and exciting online casino game, meaning that you can get your scratch card fix online instead of heading out to the shops.

It is quite simply amazing how William Hill Casino have created the roulette scratch card, as they have combined the best part of two games to do this.

A simply game with big prizes

Playing the game is simple. First and foremost you buy a scratch card with 5 games. Beside the 5 games is a roulette scratch field where the figure is the one which the ball landed on. When you uncover the number, you will then need to find the same number is one of the 5 fields to the right.

It is honestly a really fun and entertaining game that manages to find a good combination between traditional roulette and scratch cards. Once again William Hill Casino has managed to create a game that is simple to follow, easy on the eye and will surely appeal to the masses.

Card prices

The cost of the scratch cards range from £1 – £10 per card and you have the opportunity to win up to ten times the amount you paid for the scratch card.

Bonus offerings

If you have not yet created your William Hill Casino account you can do so here and you will then be able to enjoy all the perks offered to customer at the casino.

All new customers at William Hill Casino will receive 3 lucrative welcome bonuses to choose from, therefore meaning you can decide which is the best fit for your needs and wallet. The offers are as follows:

• You can get 150% free of charge up to € 150, by paying € 100

• You can also choose to get € 350 free, by paying € 500

• High Roller bonus of € 500 is achieved by paying € 1,000.

It is also possible to get the VIP  highroller casino bonus from William Hill Casino by depositing €3,000 and you will receive a €1,000 return.

So whether you are a beginner, more skilled or a high roller, you will certainly be able to find a suitable William Hill Casino bonus offers that match you. Get your bonus here!

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