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PKR is the most advanced poker room currently on the market with software that no other online poker room can compete with. Get a unique poker experience at PKR and win some big cash prizes.

Virtually all online poker rooms look and feel the same, when you examine their software. For the most part the only visible difference may be in the colours used and the buttons available on the software. Sometimes you may even have the option to insert an optional photo avatar, but basically all poker room software is the same.

At PKR you will come across poker software like you have never seen before, where not only will you be able to see the poker table in 3D, but you will be able to create and control avatars. You will also have access to a huge interactive online poker environment, where you can play poker with other players, as if you were sitting in the same room as each other. It is a completely unique experience to play poker at PKR, as you can design your own character. You can give him or her clothes to suit your own taste, facial expressions and you can even dictate the way he or she moves and talks.

At the poker table you can choose some fixed pre-programmed features and expressions that may help psyche out the other opponents. You can even choose to view the table from many different angles or from the sideline, if you don’t feel like playing that particular hand(s).

PKR has really made a huge effort to make the gaming experience as real as possible. It is almost like playing real poker, when you play online at PKR.

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All new customers at PKR will receive a solid poker bonus of 100% up to $800 on their first deposit. If you use the bonus code PKRBONUS you will also get a large PKR rakeback deal of 30%, which can prove to be incredibly lucrative, when you play online at PKR. The rakeback deal will give you a 30% return every month on the total amount of rake you have paid in real money games.

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